WoW will soon be putting back an important currency: rather spend it soon Oct 30th, 2019   [viewed 5 times]

buy WOW Classic Gold World of Warcraft is soon facing a major reset of a major currency. That is then only a few silver worth. Who can should invest them quickly sensibly.

In World of Warcraft players can buy numerous useful Titans residual items. Some players also collect the currency to save for the next patch. But Blizzard is thwarting these players as the Titan Residual will be reset.

Why is titanic residuum important? With Titanic Residue players can buy the best Azerit armor in the game directly without hoping for drop luck. The Residuum is won by splitting Azerit Armor at the Scrapper into Dazar'alor or Boralus.

Why is Blizzard doing that? There are two reasons for the reset. For one Blizzard does not seem to want the players to be able to farm that much in advance to buy the best gear at the start of the season.

On the other hand Blizzard wants to shrink the values ​​for titanic residuum. Thus costs for azerit items and the profit of Residuum should be reduced so that the numbers are again slightly smaller. Aside from that Titan's Residual will work the same way in Patch 8.3 Visions of N'Zoth.

What happens to the titanic residuum? Blizzard has announced that Titan's Residue will be converted to Silver at the start of Season WOW Classic Gold cheap The exchange rate is not exactly known but a 1: 1 exchange seems realistic as some players have accumulated millions of Titanic titans. For each 100 Residuum there would be a piece of gold.

When will the reset come? The reset should take place with the start of season 4. This is likely to be the case shortly after the launch of patch 8.3 which does not yet have a release date. However an appointment is expected in mid-December so that the new Raid Ny'alotha can then start after the holiday season in January.

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