NBA 2K20: update on new features and gameplay improvements Aug 7th, 2019   [viewed 15 times]

NBA 2K20 MT A few days ago 2K presented the first NBA 2K20 gameplay trailer and now it's Mike Wang (@Beluba) Gameplay Director at NBA 2K who tells us more about new features and improvements.

This is August 2019 the first trailer gameplay and improvements and new features of NBA 2K20. Remember that the basketball game number one in the world will arrive on September 6 in your vegan dairies.

So we will not go through four steep paths buy NBA 2K20 MT because I have spirit bread on the board but here in bulk and in summary the few new things you will find in NBA 2K20.

Dribbles of all kinds
Analysis and reaction
Shooting and defense solutions in the racket
The game without balloon
The future of AI
Badges and Takeover

The defensive AI is not left out either and includes adjustments such as:

Utah vs. Harden's play-offs Toronto's defensive option against Steph Curry Each player's Takeover Awareness Team-specific additions and improvements to legendary players.

You will notice that this year the Endurance meter emits a yellow light effect when your energy level drops below a certain threshold. Once this limit is reached your running speed slows down and you get tired faster. You will need to choose carefully when you want to start a quarter turn. You will not be able to abuse the sprint command throughout the match.

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